Hammer Tech

18th August 2024 4pm

2024 Chamber Series

Apeiron goes Classical!

Apeiron is going hi-tech and leaping back into the future… setting our DeLorean time machine to the late 18th century! In this classical-era concert, we will be showcasing the sounds of our Walter-style fortepiano; a predecessor to the modern piano and the model of piano that was favoured by Mozart!

We will also have Ben Hoadley joining us on Classical Bassoon to explore music by composers such as Edelmann, Haydn, Bengraf, de Nebra, Michl, Fiala, and more!

More information coming soon!

WHERE: Wesley Uniting Church, Forrest, ACT

WHEN: 18th August 2024, 4pm.

Tickets: https://www.trybooking.com/CRXYV


Works for fortepiano, violin, and bassoon by Edelmann, Haydn, Bengraf, de Nebra, Michl, and more!


John Ma, Violin

Ben Hoadley, Bassoon

Marie Searles, Fortepiano