Education and Outreach

Apeiron Baroque is committed to training and inspiring the next generation of performers and music lovers. We have our particular love and interest in the specialisation of Early Music, but we see all genres of music as being equal in ability to touch the heart and convey abstract ideas that are otherwise difficult to express. 

In addition to the concert opportunities that we offer to our talented student guest artists, we also present tailored workshops, masterclasses, and presentations for schools, interested amateur and professional musicians. 

These events can range from "hands-on" sessions  to gain exposure to the specialist concepts of Early Music through to a more generalised music appreciation format. Like our "formal" concerts, we present these events in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

ANU Open Schools (light)
Mar Mackillop (light)

Coming education events


  • July 11 Presentation for Luminescence Children Choirs.
  • August 25, Bach Workshop for AUSTA ACT. 
  • October 17, Presentation for University of the 3rd Age and ANU Community Centre.

Past education events


  • March 7, Early Music Workshop/Lessons/Masterclasses for CSO Kingsland Scholars.
  • June 4, Presentation for University of the 3rd Age and ANU Community Centre.
  • July 1, Show and Tell for Miles Franklin Primary School (Year 2).


  • May 5, Baroque Ensemble Workshop for CSO Kingsland Scholars.
  • May 7, Early Music (Strings) Masterclass for AUSTA (ACT Chapter).
  • August 12-13, Baroque Cello Lessons with Anton Baba hosted by Apeiron Baroque.
  • August 25, Improvisation and Ornamentation Workshop for St Mary Mackillop College.
  • August 25, Baroque Ensemble Workshop for ANU Open Schools
  • September 27th, ANU Lunchtime Historical Instruments Presentation/Demonstration
  • October 26th, Talk and Demonstration for the Canberra Sunrise Rotary Club. 


  • October 30, Early Music workshop for AUSTA (ACT Chapter).
  • October 8, Early Music talk and workshop for ANU Viola Day.