John Ma (Baroque Violin, Viola, d'amore)

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Kimberly Williams

Presenter (Poetry)

The Speaker

Kimberly Williams is the author of three books, Still Lives (Life Before Man, 2022), Sometimes a Woman (Recent Work Press, 2021) and Finally, the Moon, (Stephen FAustin University Press, 2017). Kimberly was short-listed for the University of Canberra’s Vice-Chancellor’s Poetry Prize in 2019, and won the Bright Harvest Poetry Prize in 2012. Her poems appear in many journals and anthologies around the world.

Kimberly moved to Canberra to work on a PhD after twenty years of writing and teaching in the U.S. Southwest and currently serves as the director for the Poetry on the Move Festival and is co-host of "Poetry on the Radio" on ArtSoundFM. 

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