Travel and Change

9th June 2024 4pm

2024 Chamber Series

Baroque Music meets Philosophy

Continuing on from the successful melding of Australian Poetry and Baroque Music last year, Apeiron continues to pair unlikely and interesting combinations of topics with our Early Music performances. Clear and obvious connections are easy, but it is the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated ideas that produce the true leaps in understanding!

Explore and absorb Philosophical ideas of Travel and Change, presented by Drew Ninnis, whilst listening to Early Music presented by Apeiron Baroque, John Ma and Marie Searles.

WHERE: Wesley Uniting Church, Forrest, ACT

WHEN: 9th June 2024, 4pm.


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Music by Veracini, Blaineville, Handel, JS Bach, Herschel and more!


Drew Ninnis, Presenter

John Ma, Violin

Marie Searles, Harpsichord