Apeiron x Poetry

Apeiron Baroque: Too Many Strings

12th November 2023 5pm

The first in a series of cross-concerts mixing Early Music with presentations from a wide variety of non-musical disciplines. Early Music is our passion, and we will invite guest presenters to share their passions and interests!

In this concert, Apeiron will be joined by the hosts of ArtSoundFM's "Poetry on the Radio" (Kimberly Williams and Peter Searles) as well as local poets (Penelope Layland and Jacqui Malins) to present poems from the newly published "Book of Birds" alongside music from the Baroque and Classical eras.

Wesley Uniting Church, National Circuit Forrest, ACT. 

12th November 2023, 5pm

Guest Artists: Penelope Layland, Jacqui Malins, Peter Searles, Kimberly Williams

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LEONARDA, Isabella (1620-1704): Sonata Duodecima from Op.16


Totem: Adrian CAESAR

What the Finch Knows: Kevin BROPHY

Megalong Valley: S.K. KELEN

A Bird at Evening: Michael SHARKEY


MONDONVILLE, Jean Joseph (1711-1772): Aria from Sonata 4, Op. 3

POGLETTI, Alessandro (???-1683): “Imitatione del medesimo Uccello

BACH, Carl Phillipp Emanuel (1714-1788): Andante from C Major Gamba Sonata

ECCLES, Henry (1670-1742): Grave from Sonata in G minor

Pagentry: Adrian CAESAR

CORELLI, Arcangelo (1653-1713): Adagio from Sonata 3, Op. 5

From Arete: Joanne BURNS

BIBER, Heinrich Ignaz Franz (1644-1704): Variations from “Crucifixion

Avian Love Knot: Lesley LEBKOWICZ

ECCLES, John (1668-1735): Aire 3 from “Mad Lover” suite.

The Eagle: S.K. KELEN

ECCLES, Henry (1670-1742): Courante from Sonata in G minor

All the Rusty Hinges: Lesley LEBKOWICZ

Cockatoo Evening: Paul CLIFF

Salat al-maghrib: Penelope LAYLAND

Nest: Anita PATEL

The Swallows Are Chasing: Kimberly K. WILLIAMS

Epiphanies have wings: Jacqui MALINS


VILSMAYR, Johan Joseph (1663-1722): 1st Partia from “Artificiosus Concentus pro Camera

Before light, a magpie lark: Russell ERWIN

Eastern Curlew: Sarah DAY

Antarctic: Penelope LAYLAND

After a Painting by Tracey Moffatt: Jennifer Kemarre MARTINIELLO


UCCELLINI, Marco (1603-1680): Sonata over Toccata V, “detta La Laura rilucente”, Op. 4


John Ma, Violin and Viola d'amore

Marie Searles, Harpsichord and Fortepiano

Penelope Layland, Presenter

Jacqui Malins, Presenter

Peter Searles, Presenter

Kimberly Williams, Presenter


Audience Feedback

"I wasn’t sure what to expect of this concert with a blend of poetry and music but I found it wonderful. The poetry readers transported us to many different bird places with the poems and the music was delightful, as always. Thank you for your concerts this year and I look forward to seeing what 2024 holds!"

"I'll definitely be back for more of your music in 2024!"

"The concert was a real delight... a wonderful mix of energy and lightness and joy."

"Wanting to let you know how enjoyable your concert was yesterday. What a brilliant idea for a concert!!!!"

Poetry made an unhappy match in Baroque concert

"Apeiron Baroque have been pleasing Canberra audiences for the past year with their unique and often quirky forays into combining music with other art forms."

"...set the tone for beautiful music-making"

"Ma is an affable host, chatting informally and amusingly to the audience as he tuned the three separate stringed instruments he would play."

"...for the music lovers who had come to listen to Apeiron, there was plenty to delight."

Writer: Helen Musa; CBR CityNews (12th Nov 2023)


Credit: Peter Hislop

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