"...performing fine music on period instruments... relaxed, informative concerts..."

"The intricate, light dance steps, and arm movements added another fascinating dimension..."

"...beautiful, melodic work was one of the highlights of the program." 

"The combination of lively violin and sombre cello was very appealing."

Writer: Len Power; Photo: Peter Hislop

CBR CityNews (14th August 2023)

"...devastatingly capable players."


"John is better known for playing baroque on period instruments but he told me how punk and ska were influential in his younger life,so film mid-20th century film music seems not so out of field... Marie was influenced by the Beatles (which I understand fully) so the glorious and outspoken accompaniment from late C19th onwards is also not inconceivable."

"...a classic concert of great skills and beauty with a lovingly moderate conception.." 

Writer: Eric Pozza; Photo: Eric Pozza

Canberra Jazz Blog (3rd August 2023)

"Having one viola d’amore being played in a concert is noteworthy, having two being played together is a rare treat."

"...wonderful rhythmic precision"

"...a most enjoyable concert"

Writer: Graham McDonald; Photo: Peter Hislop

CBR CityNews (12th June 2023)

"...entertaing introductions to works... humourous anecdotes in a friendly and relaxing style."

"...the perfect opening, being bright and colourful..."

"...haunting, melodic work... played beautifully." 

"...energetically and finely played, bringing this very interesting and enjoyable concert to a close."

Writer: Len Power; Photo: Hayley Manning

CBR CityNews (26th March 2023)

"AFTER nearly 17 years performing in Europe, two former ANU students, now a husband-and-wife duo, have returned to live and work in Canberra."

"Big visions with a long-time frame..."

Writer: Helen Musa; Photo: Graham McDonald

CBR CityNews (19th March 2023)

"Ma... obviously enjoying himself on stage... Searles is more restrained with the occasional smile"

"...quite delightful, though nothing of the concert disappointed in any way"

"This was a most impressive first concert for this duo. This might well be the start of some very interesting music making in Canberra and I look forward to hearing what they do next."

Writer: Graham McDonald; Photo: Graham McDonald

CBR CityNews (14th November 2022)

"I love baroque music and he plays it with an understanding that is clear and immediate... joyous and playful interaction, lighter and more dancelike."

"...the understanding and connection with the works were a pleasure and clearly evident and his patter was informative, even educational"

"...in admiration for the playing and the player."

Writer: Eric Pozza; Photo: Eric Pozza

Canberra Jazz Blog (5th August 2022)